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Owner wants answers about missing Atlantic City fireworks

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The owner of a fireworks company that had thousands of dollars in merchandise go missing in Atlantic City is frustrated by how long it’s taking to solve the case. Video from the Ducktown Tavern’s parking lot — where Keystone was selling their wares — seemed to show two Atlantic City police officers in uniform loading fireworks into their patrol cars. But there is no evidence of those transactions happening, and $22,000 in merchandise is unaccounted for, Keystone Managing Director Jack May said in an email to several investigators. “The investigation remains open and active,” said Donna Weaver, spokeswoman for the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. “When we have developments, we will advise the public.” In his email, May wrote that “It appears the investigators are supporting the contention that the officers engaged in a ‘legitimate’ transaction for which my company has not received a dime.” “What have the officers’ credit card records revealed?” he asked in the email obtained by BreakingAC. May then asks if the officers got the merchandise at a discounted price, which would not have happened before the July Fourth holiday, he noted. The merchandise was removed June 30. “Did the officers resell the stolen product?” he wrote. “We don’t know because apparently there was no immediate attempt to recover any of the stolen product removed in Atlantic City patrol cars.”
The theft of about $16,000 worth of fireworks from outside an Atlantic City business has led to an investigation involving city police — as the suspects. The Ducktown Tavern had a Pennsylvania fireworks company selling the now-legal wares from a tent on their lot about a week before Fourth of July, owner John Exadaktilos said. ... Read more
May said that “apparent inaction since the theft occurred would make any legitimate business run as far away from Atlantic City as possible.” Ducktown owner John Exadaktilos provided police with video that included several angles of the tent where the fireworks were sold. WPG Talk Radio host Harry Hurley obtained copies of those videos from an unnamed source, and shared them with BreakingAC. “As far as I know there has not even been any administrative actions taken against the police officers loading cases full of explosives into police vehicles while they are on duty,” he continued. “Do I have any rights to move this investigation to the state (Attorney General’s Office) and away from the county Prosecutor’s Office?” It was at least the second email May has sent. In the first, he indicated he wanted to file a criminal complaint against the officers identified to him as the two in the video. "Please send me the complaint form so I can formalize this complaint," he wrote. "I am growing very concerned that the 'interests of the people' are not being served by this investigation.

Lynda Cohen

Lynda Cohen founded BreakingAC after working as a local newspaper reporter for more than two decades. She is an NJPA award-winner and was a Stories of Atlantic City fellow.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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